Techstra Solutions Customer Success Stories: The Power of FinOps & Cloud Financial Governance

The Situation:
Migrating to and operating in the Cloud is a key priority for most companies. With it comes a paradigm shift in spending to a consumption-based, “pay-to-play” model. As a result, real-time approval demands are distributed across finance, technology, and business teams. Because of this decentralization, organizations struggle to balance operational and financial control with the need for high-velocity decision making and action. The result is inefficiencies that slow down the business and sticker shock over the monthly cloud bill.
Instituting strong Cloud Financial Governance into existing or budding Cloud programs and deploying FinOps as the operating model for the Cloud ensures costs are managed before they are incurred.

The Impact:
Techstra has created a CFG Framework which incorporates FinOps and formal Cloud Financial Governance into the overarching Cloud Governance structure. This enables visibility into Cloud spend, cost controls, approvals, and standardized delivery methods. The CFG framework helps maximize the value of cloud investments.