Agility is a critical factor in remaining competitive in today’s rapidly changing digital world. Organizations that are able to take a “customer-first” focus, move rapidly, and flexibly organize teams to deliver quality products and services will not only succeed, but thrive in today’s environment. This is the power of Agile.

Agile offers companies the opportunity to add great value to an organization. Companies typically need assistance in the following areas:

  • Health & Maturity of the Practice: The company has deployed Agile but has not been able to maximize its value within the environment
  • Expansion Company-Wide: Technology has successfully implemented Agile, and now business functions, having witnessed its value are also interested in adopting its techniques

Agile’s success hinges on the combination of human and technical factors. At Techstra Solutions, we have developed several offerings to assist you in your Agile journey. Our goal is to ensure you are leveraging its best assets to meet your business goals:

Quick-Hit Agile Assessment
Short 2 to 4 week assessment of the client’s current Agile environment. We use a combination of self-assessments and staff interviews to determine the relative maturity of the environment. The final report includes summary health charts and short-term recommendations for immediate impact and a longer-term roadmap for sustainable success. Potential areas of focus include:

  • Agile culture
  • Cadence & predictability
  • Scalability
  • Agile leadership
  • DevOps delivery
  • Team dynamics
  • Business support
  • Portfolio management
  • Technology implementations

The Agile Enterprise
In many organizations Agile is treated as a “software development thing” that the software teams do. In truth, Agile is an umbrella term that encapsulates a wide-variety of process methodologies (Lean, Scrum, Kanban, FDD, etc.), some that are pure management methods and some that prescribe more technical methods. Ultimately, there is no one size fits all Agile approach that is successful within an organization. At Techstra Solutions, we have experience designing and implementing organization-wide Agile-based methodologies. Disciplines impacted include Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Systems Engineering, Hardware Engineering, IT infrastructure, and Data Security environments. We work with your team to understand the needs of your business first and the value it can create. From there, we are able to establish a practice for your organization that works within your culture and maximizes your opportunity for success. In addition, we are also aware that there are some environments, functions and projects where Agile techniques are not appropriate. In those situations, we also advise our clients how to mitigate risk.

With the organization’s Agile aptitude in hand, we customize our services to your specific business needs:

  • Agile strategy & roadmaps
  • Agile training & coaching
  • Customer-centric solutioning
  • Agile CoE / CoP
  • Resourcing Model
  • Implementation oversight

Creating Agile-Ready Leaders
In many organizations there are leaders who sit between the Agile teams and the business and/or the executive team. In a more traditional organization this is a Manager or Vice President level leader who is accountable for the output of the Agile team(s) yet does not directly work on the team. This leader must act as a “Servant leader” for the staff below them, and as a gate keeper to protect those teams from interruptions and distractions imposed by those with positional authority throughout the organization. We work with the Agile-Ready Leaders to establish guidelines for their success drawing on servant leadership and soft skills development materials. We also offer coaching for the teams and leaders to ensure that the organization is maximizing its Agile potential.

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