Are you measuring the impact of transformation throughout your journey?

Techstra TPI – Powering Higher Probabilities of Transformation Success

The rapid pace of technology innovation required to remain competitive, juxtaposed with the slow rate of change in many organizations, causes most to struggle. What has become apparent is that traditional project metrics do not provide sufficient visibility into factors critical to increasing the potential for success (McKinsey & Co. estimates 70% of transformation efforts fail). Leaders are blindsided by the outcomes and are not equipped with the right measures to drive action throughout the journey, enabling a higher probability of success.


Our Techstra TPI platform measures the impact of transformation throughout the process and identifies gaps that limit the realization of expected value. It takes a multi-dimensional approach to diagnosing the health of an initiative. This new visibility into an initiative empowers leaders to drive sustainable change. With substantial investments made to transform, the ability to identify issues earlier and quickly course correct minimizes the risk of failure and accelerates value realization.

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