At Techstra Solutions, Cloud Operationalization is assessed and implemented across a suite of categories: 
Cloud Strategy & Governance 
Align business-specific goals with operational imperatives to ensure that impact is clearly defined, measurable and governed. 

Cloud Capabilities and Operations
Efficiently and effectively enable cloud services such as Cloud Centers of Excellence, infrastructure, monitoring, data, DevSecOps, finance/billing, security, training, and readiness/adoption to ensure peak performance.  

Cloud Security
Protect your cloud assets and reputation with Secure-by-Design assessments and application of security frameworks. A comprehensive approach delivers pervasive cloud-native security capabilities that mitigate risk and provides safeguards against cybercrime. 

Application Migration
Establish criteria for the six R’s of cloud migration and rationalization—Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retire and Retain—for application migration based on ROI targets and optimization goals to set the stage for innovation and customer benefit. 

Simplify the intricacy of cloud computing by deploying Anything As Code, DevSecOps and DataOps to enable the entire lifecycle as efficiently and automatically as possible. 

Cloud Data Management
Unlock actionable insights by building artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms that deliver value to customers.  Core elements of success include data governance; data pipelines: movement, streaming, traceability, and transformation; data protection; reporting, analytics and visualizations. 


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