Do you have resources for specific niche talent?
Yes, our talent focuses on the following areas to fulfill the leading skillset and experience needs of our customers and our consulting projects:

  • Multi-Cloud
  • DevSecOps
  • Data Science
  • AI/ML
  • Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Security
  • Media/Enterprise Social
  • Legacy Technology

When should I consider hiring someone into a contract position?
Contract positions provide an opportunity for you to “hire” short term workers – workers with specific skills to complete a project or augment a team without having to add headcount.

How do you work with my internal HR/recruiting staff?
We can seamlessly integrate into and work with your HR/recruiting staff.

What if I have a job opening in a city where you don’t have an office?
Our recruiters have a national database and the resources to fill positions throughout the US.

What is the process for working with Techstra Solutions once I have a position?
The Techstra Solutions’ process is efficient and effective so that you can fill your position as soon as possible.

  • Notify your Account Manager of the open position.
  • A Position Form which details the job requirements is completed.
  • Our recruiters consult our network to find qualified candidates. All of our candidates go through a rigorous screening process prior to consideration for a position.
  • We present qualified candidates to you.
  • Once potential candidates are selected, we coordinate the interviews.
  • Our relationship with you and the chosen candidate does not end there. We have a structured on-boarding and monitoring process. We conduct regular check-ins to ensure our employee is continually meeting your needs.

What are your fees?

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