Operationalizing the Cloud to Maximize Business Value

Large enterprises are under pressure to accelerate and transform their cloud journeys in order to keep up. There exists a pervasive industry assumption that deploying cloud technology is easy or turnkey and will, on its own, deliver ROI.  Determining how best to operate public cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud options, however, is a complex and crucial part of charting the path forward. 

At Techstra Solutions, we know that Cloud Operationalization is essential for a successful transformation that delivers immediate and sustained business value. 

Cloud Operationalization is a holistic approach, measurable through a customizable and quantifiable scorecard, that considers the impact on people, processes and technology in conjunction with a rigorous review of DevSecOps, data, infrastructure, finance, operations and security.

Business outcomes include improved customer experience, cost savings, product cycle times, business agility, operational resilience, access to new technology, risk mitigation, and employee productivity. Cloud Operationalization is vital to any large enterprise seeking to fully optimize and accelerate cloud deployment and maturity.

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