Power your organization with a robot-based workforce

Over the last few years, Intelligent Automation (IA) has quickly become a critical force as a “gateway” to digital transformation. It is a key enabler of true end-to-end process transformation, quickly impacting results with a potential ROI of 30% to 200% in just the first 12 months (McKinsey). Successful organizations have realized significant business benefits including increased revenue generation, cost savings, speed of execution, accuracy, and compliance.

Beyond Robotic Process Automation
IA is transforming the world of process performance by combining the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition technologies with robotic process automation (RPA). IA moves beyond the automation of simple rules-based processes and handles work involving judgement, intuition, and unstructured information. In its simplest form, IA does the work of logging in, keying data, and enabling existing software applications and systems to execute processes. At its most complex, it integrates multiple systems, interprets image files, manipulates data, and triggers decision-making and user responses.

Performing Across Business Functions
Today’s new generation of sophisticated workforce robots act across business functions, integrate cloud and legacy applications, and are self-managing, scalable and fully dynamic. With minimal upfront investment, no change to existing infrastructure, and flexibility regarding task execution, IA enables organizations to quickly automate, streamline and improve a large variety of processes across the organization.

Techstra Solutions provides a variety of offerings to ramp up and mature your automation program:

  • Automation Strategy & Readiness
  • Proof of Value
  • Business Case Development
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Implementation & Support
  • Automation CoE
  • Robot-as-a-Service

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