Techstra Solutions Customer Success Stories: Democratizing & Operationalizing AI

A product mindset that moves beyond traditional technology solutions or agile practices is essential for delivering value across the enterprise. This is especially true when the focus is on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the goal is to increase the pervasiveness of AI, eliminate duplication of effort, and maximize reuse of already created solutions.

The approach was twofold, assessing the current service offering and determining if it should be rendered to capture new revenue streams; and then evaluating the different technology components/solutions for democratization and reuse.

The Situation:
A Fortune 50 company wanted to increase the consistent use and reuse of AI across the enterprise to improve the customer/user experience. Enterprise AI assets and operating models needed to evolve and be productized to deliver measurable business outcomes.

The Impact:
Techstra accelerated the evolution of Enterprise AI as a shared service with a focus on implementing operating, engagement, and governance models that maximize the value of current and future investments in AI.

While working with Steering & Working Committees, the Techstra team created a framework for the following:

  • Enterprise AI Governance and AI use case repository
  • Productization of AI components and solutions for the democratization of AI solutions and inclusion in an AI service catalog
  • Hybrid operating model that delivers centralized governance while promoting innovation happens everywhere
  • Roadmaps for success with Product & Capabilities, Marketing, and Readiness & Adoption