digitaltransformationWhat does “Being Digital” mean to your organization?

Today all business is digital business.

The dramatic impact of digital transformation is the stimulus for change across all sectors and businesses. New operating and organizational structures are being put into place to handle these transitions and remain competitive. Managing the gap between the realities of today and the promise that transformation holds for tomorrow is critical.

We help you tackle the transition by applying the latest thinking and approaches to solve your business challenges.

  • Management Consulting: We are innovative in our approach to co-creating solutions with your team, with an eye towards the repeatability and sustainability of the change.
  • Technology Services: We champion technology as a key business driver. Our technology professionals strategize, design and build the best possible digital experience that achieves measurable, long lasting results across all parts of your business.
    • Cloud Operationalization: A holistic approach, measurable through a customizable and quantifiable scorecard, that optimizes and accelerates cloud deployment and maturity. It considers the impact on people, processes and technology in conjunction with a rigorous review of DevSecOps, infrastructure, finance, data, operations and security in order to deliver business value. Read More
    • Business Process Automation: Transform process performance by combining the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition technologies with robotic process automation (RPA) to automate and streamline repetitive business tasks. Leverage Digital Workers to reduce cost and improve performance and agility. Read More
    • Big Data: Unlock actionable insights by building artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms that deliver value to customers. Core elements of success include data governance; data pipelines: movement, streaming, traceability, and transformation; data protection; reporting, analytics and visualizations.
  • Performance & Measurement: Our Techstra TPI™ platform predicts the probability of transformation success. It provides visibility into factors critical to achieving the expected outcomes and identifies high-risk factors for failure enabling leaders to make better decisions and proactively address potential issues earlier in the initiative.

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