Techstra Solutions In The News: When you start that new job, a bot may be setting up your payroll account

Intelligent Automation (#IA) is transforming how businesses interact with their customers/employees and optimize their operations. I am proud that Techstra Solutions is deploying this leading-edge technology. It is a game-changer that has captured C-suite and board level attention based on the value it creates and its rapid ROI (30-200% within 12 months).

The use cases are enterprise-wide, moving well beyond HR and other back office solutions to the front/omni office. The movement beyond traditional RPA is all thanks to the cognitive technologies that are an integral part of an intelligent automation platform such as AI, computer vision, machine learning, and real time conversational interfaces.

Thank you Courtney Linder from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for sharing how we are bringing the ‘bots and making “Tomorrowland for Today’s Work” a reality.